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February 4, 2006
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Flow_VS by navigatsio Flow_VS by navigatsio
While working on another desktop, I found myself still in a "metal" mood and this is the result of my detour. :-) The zip includes the wallpaper and .msstyle/theme files (full and compact menus) with matching Rainlendar, Sysmetrix and Windows Media Player skins also included! As always, what you see is what you get in one complete package... :D

Enjoy! :-)
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Jhayarcuevas Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2012
nice hah..
WrathOfAHomunculus Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2007
hey u seem computer smart. my laptop no longer lets me have a visual style other than the default ones. i used to have onyx2, but it went away, and i tried re downloading it, and downloading more, but none of them work, i extract to C:\\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes folder, and they wont appear on the themes tab in display, or apply by double clicking, can you help? btw i like your vs was gonna try it out so tell me if you know anyhting
fbnxd Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2006
Very Cool!!!
navigatsio Featured By Owner May 23, 2006  Professional Interface Designer
Thanks Kim! :-)
Hope you enjoy using it, my friend! :-)
grrlefx Featured By Owner May 21, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is sweet! Love metal/chrome/solver/gray. Just wicked! Very sweet indeed! Awesome work!
BlackSwans Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2006
LightningHunter Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2006
Hmm, that's odd! I do have a lot of visual styles installed... maybe something is conflicting? Also, I'm using StyleXP. Maybe it has a problem with some fonts?
navigatsio Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2006  Professional Interface Designer
Thanks Bob! :-)
Hummm...I've taken a look at the skin on several different machines and I'm still not getting the font effect you're experiencing...I'm just getting clean, clear fonts. I built it with the native Tahoma font specifically to avoid any font problems so I don't think that's it and the image is sized and aligned correctly so I'm befuzzled, my friend. I'll play around with it later and if I find anything, I'll let you know... :D
navigatsio Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2006  Professional Interface Designer
Thanks tony! :-)
and thanks for the kind words, my friend...they're what keeps me inspired to keep on keeping on! :D I've actually been thinking about making some Firefox skins to match my themes since that's what I use pretty much exclusively...just haven't really checked into what's involved yet but it may be something I'll be doing soon. Stay tuned...there's always something new just around the corner... :D
LightningHunter Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2006
As usual, I love your visual style Navigasto. You are one of the few people who are risky enough to dive into a VS as complex as this. ;-)

I'm having a weird problem with this visual style however... With Taskbar buttons grouped, the names appear blurry (so blurry that I can't read them). To see what I mean, right click on startbar, go to properties, and turn on "group similar taskbar buttons". Next, open up a bunch of folders or something (so they are grouped), and look at the names. I also have a screenshot for you: [link]
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